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FYI... for *MY* information! XD

I am in love with the Chronicles of Riddick website. It's like a freakin' treasure-trove of hidden factoids and fun tidbits. I thought I'd get one or two more stories in this fandom, but using the info gleaned from this website, I'll have more bunnies (in CANON!! :D) than I'll know what to do with! I hope they don't ever take this site down. I need it! ::glomps website::

The problem with movie-based fandoms is that they don't usually have a whole lot of canon for the fandom to build on. Just a measley two hours worth of film. That doesn't leave as much room for interpretation as you'd think. But this website is like a COR Bible -- all the background info you wanted, names, dates, histories, technical specs, diagrams, etc... -- it's all there. Much of it is hidden in the "The Hunt for Riddick" game onsite, but it's there.

Did you know that to get into New Mecca (capital city of Helion Prime), Riddick had to 'borrow' a resident's fingerprint? Yep. Just knocked him unconscious, severed his thumb, stole his wallet (credit chip), took $100,000 out of the guy's account, and happily went on his way. No fuss, no muss.

Or that before the whole crash in "Pitch Black", Riddick joined a military crew during something called the Wailing Wars. Apparently, of the 500 or so men who landed on one particular planet during the conflict, Riddick was the only survivor. And he's accused of the deaths of all the others. (Whoa!)

Or that Jack was 13 years old when the Hunter-Gaztner crashed, making her only 18 years old in COR. But that by then she'd already racked up a healthy kill count of her own and bounty to rival Riddick's?

Or what Imam's real name is? (Adu Al-wabid) Where do the Elementals come from? (Quintessa) How many Lord Marshalls have the Necromonger's had? (Seven) What kind of material is Riddick's favorite knife made of? (Claw of a Raptor cat)

Fun stuff! I'll be busy exploring for days! Takin' notes, trapping bunnies, planning fics... Woot! A new obsession! ::happy dance::
Tags: fandom, riddick

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